Hobie Racing!

One Bridge FiascoMy skipper took this picture and grumbled about how he doesn’t have any pictures of himself and his boat. So I took the initiative to add him to the picture with a little bit of Photoshop magic.

This was the start of the Hobie racing season. My friend and skipper trailered his Hobie 16 all the way up from Newport, OR. We had been planning on doing this race since fall of last year. The race was supposed to be around Mercer Island on Lake Washington. But due to weak winds the route was changed to a “one bridge fiasco”. We were to sail through one of the portals (our choice) of the I-90 bridge and back out the other portal to the finish line. We decided to go through the eastern portal where there was more wind and this decision paid off. We were actually the first boat through both portals and were making our way back to the finish line when the faster Hobie 17 and 18s caught up.

Follow the link below for a very well written article on the race by the organizer (whose claim to fame is that all of us changed out of our wet gear after the race, but he got out of his wet gear before we even started! you’ll get this when you read the article.)

Hobie Division 4 post on the race!


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